Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: My Rock

Poor Rocky has to share his birthday with Christmas and Flashback Friday. If he weren't married to a hot dame like me, he'd think life wasn't fair.

This is our ninth Christmas season together. In 2002, he'd suggested back in October coming to visit me during Christmas break. You knew the kid was serious about me when he volunteered to travel to Minnesota in December. I thought he was joking, but the seven days he spent with me, my friends and my family was when my eyes finally opened wide enough to realize what a lucky girl I was to have him chasing after me.
I think I can pinpoint it to the exact day, January 1, 2003. I had come down with a nasty cold and spent the day napping. Meanwhile, Rocky kept busy helping my sister with her poetry homework and a Seventh Heaven marathon. They had just met and yet it was obvious he fit right in with my family. Or maybe it was just obvious he had bad taste in television.
Chandni made a joke once, "The only thing stable in your life is Rocky." Hardy har har. But oh so true. When I was laid up with a busted knee, stressed about my boss's retirement, missing my family, exhausted from pregnancy, or in need of an honest wardrobe assessment, he's always been there. He tells me I'm good at what I do, even when I know he's nuts or biased, or both.
Now, we're in the thick of the transition to parenthood and I can't imagine a better partner. He changes diapers, takes the morning shift and does the laundry. He's the stable hand when I'm paranoid about a baby's bump. He's the stable support when I fear Bennett will know his babysitter better than he knows me. He's the stable sound of reason when I'm worried my child will be too short or too tall or an axe murderer.

Bennett, Atticus and I are all very lucky to have this Rock around.

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