Monday, February 6, 2012

Resolutions Keep On Truckin'

My new years resolutions very rarely last very long into the calendar.  For 2012, we had high hopes to have a tv free day in our house, spend five minutes every day picking up the clutter, and try one new to us Nashville restaurant a week.  It took us three weeks to try a tv-free day, but so far, we love it.  Cleaning five minutes every day has happened about twice, and nap schedules and other interruptions have limited our culinary tour of our new hometown.

Well, last week, I made an exception.  I determined that food trucks count as restaurants for new years resolution-keeping purposes.  Yes, my Yankee friends, the food truck craze has hit Tennessee.  Mary and I headed out to hunt down The Grilled Cheeserie, one of Nashville's more well-known food trucks.

Mary ordered the special, and I had a delightful cheddar, tomato and caramelized onion sandwich. Even Bennett liked it.

And Bennett demonstrated a new skill.  Take that milestone charts! 

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