Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap through Iphone-Colored Glasses

I had a candy-hearted filled Valentine's Day, and I sincerely hope you did too. I appreciate the sentiment of a Hallmark holiday as much, if not more so than the next lady. Sure, everyday should be Valentine's Day and I agree that you shouldn't limit yourself to once a year to give the one you love copious amounts of chocolate.   But on a crazy, hectic day like I had yesterday, you could use a little chocolate.

My day began like every other day with wrestling my munchkin into clean clothes.  Let me just say, my child is not a morning person.  He will sleep in until the last possible minute, and then prefers to leisurely sip his milk and take his time getting dressed.  For a working momma, this can become a challenge.  Good thing he's cute.

My first assignment of the day was on the other side of town.  As in, over the river, through the woods, and through cow pastures to my meeting we go.  No joke.  

From there, I hosted a panel of experts from government, banking and real estate.  It was a smashing success and all I wanted to do when I got back to my desk was put my feet up.  Thankfully, I had a little surprise waiting for me.  Rocky had sent me flowers from the shop that made me and all of my roommates flowers from our first Valentine's Day nine years ago.   They were just as beautiful as I remembered.  Score one for the rockster!

As if my nine-hour day and counting wasn't long enough, I had an after work meeting to attend.  Grandma and Grandpa Ski had to pick up B from school, take him home, feed him, and entertain him until bedtime.  They had a little Valentine present for my boy, some pumped up kicks!

After two of us working nearly twelve-hour days.  Rocky made a delicious steak and risotto supper. I supplied the dessert.  Since I couldn't decide between a cupcake and a canoli, I got both!  Or rather, some cupcake genius already dreamed up this glut-fest.

Not pictured: Rocky's gift because I had a minor driver's license snafu.  Rocky's card because cupid seemed to have hid it from me.  Bad cupid!

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