Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Biscuits and Babysitters

When we were contemplating a move to Tennessee, we weighed several factors.  I'm not going to lie, but family nearby who wouldn't mind babysitting Bennett was near the top of our list.  Sure, we had friends who loved us enough to give up their Saturday night so we could have one too.  But, we knew it was quite a burden and it was hard to ask.  Six months later, and we've gone on two whopping dinners solo.  Babysitting a toddler is still a burden, and it is still hard to ask, even parents.

I was thrilled when we received restaurant gift cards and offers to babysit. We finally got to take them up on it last Saturday night. Mack and Kate's was so worth the wait! 
Mack and Kate's is a lovely thirty minute drive south on Hillsboro Pike.  By day, you can take in the scenic route filled with cow pastures, rolling hills and Williamson County mansions.  By night, you can take in the scenic route filled with deer, dark winding roads, and Williamson County mansions with olympic sized fountains in the front drive.  No joke, come visit, I'll show you.

The place was cozy and intimate, filled to the brim with antiques and rustic wood.  Not only would I have them cater my next event, I'd happily invite them to decorate my abode too.  We enjoyed a nice cocktail, and debated our menu like we were debating states' rights, pork chop or protective tariffs?  We ultimately decided on the braised beef rib and the scallops.  We were pleased as punch when some fluffy biscuits arrived at our table with a side of honey butter.  I had not intended to blog our dinner, but I couldn't resist when they brought our mini lions-head soup bowls to our table.  They were too presh not to preserve for posterity. 

I think our waiter noticed the flash, because he suddenly became loads more attentive.  I think he thought I must be a legitimate food blogger because from that point on, he was refilling glasses on cue, not too pushy and pacing the meal just right.  He provided the perfect suggestions for wine pairings and helped us narrow down our list of desserts.  He told us all about the celebrities that frequent the establishment and when we departed, told us to call anytime.  If we had trouble getting a reservation, he'd squeeze us in lickety split.  Or maybe he just thought we were one of those folks in one of those fancy mansions? 
Regardless, the food was good, the company was grand, and the baby was fast asleep.

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