Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday: 10!

Ten years years.  Ten years!  That is a whole lot of years folks.  Ten years is a respectable amount of time no matter how you look at it.  Ten years of friendship?  A lot of years.  Ten years since graduation?  A lot of years.  Ten years in the clink?  A lot of years.  More than ten years of the same hair cut?  A lot of years.

Ten years ago today Rocky and I went on our very first date.  Ten years ago, I told my roommate I was going on a pity date with that annoying kid from down the hall.  Ten years ago I didn't want our new group of snarky friends to give us a hard time.  It was a summer fling, why bother getting into details?  I was secretly thrilled.  He was funny, opened doors, and obviously was going to pick up the check.  How could I say no?

We ventured to Georgetown for Italian and then met up with said group of snarky friends for a bad movie. I enjoyed hearing about the farm where he grew up, stories about Senator Thompson, and his other summer gig, driving golf carts.  The conversation was easy and I even got to introduce him to something exotic, caesar salad.  Thanks to an audience, I didn't have to worry about awkward good night kisses.  I didn't have to worry if he would call me or not because we'd most likely bump into each other on the hallway back from brushing our teeth, shower caddies in hand.  Rocky was only in D.C. one more week and there was no pressure, we just had such a good time.

Here we are a decade later.  We just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  We've had a baby, bought two houses, moved half-way across the country, graduated from law school, undergrad, started new careers, made new friends, traveled, ate, laughed and cried. 

Some people say that young relationships are doomed because you grow old and grow apart.  I believe we have simply grown up together.  We've helped shape each other as the adults we've become. He's more liberal and I'm more conservative.  His southern ways have become mine.  We have learned to love fine wine and fine chocolate together.  We have grown from those young naive teenagers that were afraid of what our friends thought.  I look forward to growing old together for another ten years, and many, many more.

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