Saturday, June 16, 2012


One of our first home improvement projects will be painting the exterior.  I really love the navy. Or, rather, I thought I loved the navy until I knew I had a choice.  Now, my mind is spinning with choices.  To refresh your memory, the Kings' Castle.

The tan dormer will stay because it's some kind of fancy siding. We'll keep the columns and trim white.  But from there, I'm at a loss. 

Stick with Navy?



The painter said we should probably limit it to the paint chips he provided.  Too bad he's being so limiting!  We have a few more days to decide and I'd appreciate any advice!


  1. Does it make sense to paint the "beam area" above the columns white to unite it? Also are you going to do a different door color? I like the Navy, but I think Blue-Grey could be very pretty. So fun to do a house - you have such great taste I'm sure it will look fabulous whatever you decide to do! ~Anna McP

  2. I also vote for the navy and I LOVE the yellow door! However I also think that blue-grey would look great with the stone.

  3. I think that I really like the navy. And I love the yellow door. Keep that too!