Friday, June 1, 2012

In my next life, I want to come back an Indian Bride

I'm not sure words can even express my experience last weekend at the wedding of my dear childhood friend, Ami.  First, it was my first actual Indian wedding.  The colors, the sounds, the tastes, the dancing, the emotion, was nothing what Baliwood movies portray.  I tried foods I can't spell.  We made friends with cousins from across the country and across the globe.  I laughed at the speeches and cried when my friend walked down the aisle with her brothers.  From start to finish, the weekend surpassed every expectation, and was truly, madly, deeply worth the wait from those days we spent dreaming about Ami's future groom and fantasizing about the wedding itself. 

When you've built up a vacation, a trip, or even a day at the beach, it's hard not to be disappointed.  But as I have learned, western weddings with white dresses and bouquet toss rarely live up to their cinematic expectations.  Seriously, I have never been to a wedding with swans, fireworks or a Franc. 

Perhaps the weekend left such an impression simply because two incredibly popular, fabulous people were married surrounded by friends and family that loved them.  Every guest seemed to feel special just to be in attendance.  I truly felt lucky to be a guest of such an awesome celebration.  And celebrate we did!

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