Monday, June 25, 2012

I Go Back

To say I had a whirlwind weekend would be an understatement.  I had a wild and crazy 36 hours.  Where do I begin...
I had a 6:15 AM flight to Minnesota Friday morning.  Rocky rolled over at 5:35, looked at the clock and said, what time is your flight?  We live 20 minutes from the airport...
Ole Valet!
Thanks to the Valet, and no thanks to the American Airlines ticket counter, I made it to my gate where I was greeted with a "You must be Allison."  Thank you to the travel gods that this was the only hiccup of my exhausting trip.

If only this had armholes like a snuggie, I'd be in blogging business.
 I remembered I forgot my book as I was running out the door, so the Skymall catalog was my only in-flight entertainment on my BNA-ORD flight.  Good thing it's entertaining...
For the record, I did not order the Johnson.
I had a lovely breakfast for lunch with Gramma June.  She did a fantastic job finding the most Minnesota establishment in Nordeast.  We enjoyed a cup of joe with an order of eggs, chicken decor and a side of uff da.
The heaviest wedding gift in the history of wedding gifts.
I raced to the mall so Anne and I could procure a present for the bride.  It was practical, thoughtful, and required a small forklift to deliver.

I made a small detour to visit my childhood home.  If the changes they made from the exterior are any indication, I don't think they kept the butter yellow walls and the ballerina posters from my room.  Obviously, they don't know a thing about home decor.
Sold Out Jill and Mike!
The real reason for my trip back, a very Jill wedding.  Creative, personal, and lots of pasta.  Not unlike the worlds heaviest wedding present.

Three Amigas
We may grow up, get married and have babies, but I'll always be an amazon compared to my Minnesota friends. 
Note the strangers up ahead.
On the fourth and final flight of my 24 hour adventure, I finally was able to close my eyes and catch up on my sleep.  I woke up approximately twenty minutes later to a plane full of applause.  Apparently, a couple a few rows ahead of me got engaged in seat 6B.  Thank goodness I do not know the happy couple because I cannot handle another four flights in 24 hours anytime soon.
Ground Control to Major Bennett
I made it home just in time to hear Bennett exclaim, "I pooped."  Thanks hun, I missed you too.  We got to play at home for the first time in our new home without having to take "blow our nose breaks."  Being a mom can be so glamorous. 
Yeah, the sun was bright, but it was HOT!
As if I hadn't packed in enough into a 36 hour period, Rocky and I made it to the Kenny Chesney-Tim McGraw concert in 90 something degree heat.  While the Minnesotans last night were complaining about the balmy 70 something temperatures, Tennesseans took it in stride.  Tim wore the tightest white jeans I've ever seen a man wear, even Faith couldn't help but say something nice. 

While an extra day home with Major Bennett, and an evening with Tim, Kenny, Faith, and the Brentwood Marching Band were pretty darn good excuses for an abbreviated trip, I can't help but feel a wee bit (or a lot bit) guilty for not stretching my trip back into a longer vacation.  That's why the Bennett-Allison show will be doing an extended tour this September.  So, my adoring Minnesota fan base, fear not, we'll be back in your neck of the woods just in time for the mosquitoes to start dissipating, green lakes to appear, and sadly, just after everything on a stick season.  Minnesota misses me, and I miss it.  Back where I come from!

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