Friday, June 29, 2012

What We Learned: 20 Months

The best smiles always come with the most drool.

At twenty months, my son is hilarious.  My son is smart.  Bennett is headstrong, stubborn and knows what he wants. Ironically, in the past month he has also started mimicking.  I'd like to think the two things are not related.  The foot stomping is not a good reflection on me or his father. 

Bennett learned to count to two.

We learned that mimicking loses its appeal somewhere between two and three.

Bennett knows what sound most animals make, can correctly identify body parts, and say "cheese."

We learned to finally disregard milestone charts.

Bennett learned to speak in full sentences.

We learned about hiding bunnies.

Bennett learned that "woah" is an appropriate response in 90% of situations.

We learned that Atticus can in fact pop a rubber ball.

Bennett learned that telling a good story never gets old.

We learned that perhaps you can show too much enthusiasm.

Bennett learned to say his name.

We learned that claiming you  need to use the potty is a fabulous bedtime stall tactic. 

Bennett learned a fabulous fake laugh.

We learned that he takes after both his parents more than we like to think.

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