Sunday, March 6, 2011

B Has Mad Skillz Y'all

At Bennett's 4 month check up last week, I inundated the doctor with development questions.  Is it ok he isn't rolling over?  Is it ok he doesn't put toys in his mouth?  "Of course it is ok crazy first time paranoid mother.  In fact, look at how your 92nd percentile height child likes to stand."  She told this crazy first time paranoid mother, "Time to put that kid in a chair, time to put that kid in an exersaucer." 

When we got home and that night, Bennett put his toy in his mouth.
Then yesterday, at 4 months and four days, Bennett pulled up into a sitting position.  That's only two months ahead of schedule!  When he did it again the next day, we caught it on camera.
We tried out the exersaucer/stationary-entertainer/mom-can-finally-make-dinner-toy. He loved it. See for yourself.
He went from blob, to baby, to grown man.   Bennett, it's time to slow down!

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