Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What We Learned: 5 Months

There is something about having a five month old baby.  He's not so new anymore.  I kind of know him.  He does big boy things like sit up.  He talks.  He laughs.  He has two freaking teeth.  It is not fair that having a nice baby equates having a big grown up baby.  There is a fine line between wanting him to learn new skills and wanting him to stay small and sweet.  My boy is changing so fast, I want him to slow down.  I want life to slow down. 

Bennett learned to hold his bottle.

I learned that five months of washing bottles is getting old.

Bennett learned to sit up.

We learned he's not always behind on the development curve.

Bennett learned he has a friend, Atticus.

Atticus learned Bennett isn't going anywhere.  Crap.

Bennett learned to put himself back to sleep.

Rocky learned that not all middle of the night waking equals starving baby.

Bennett learned growing teeth hurt.

We learned a tooth can pop up out of nowhere and another can cause weeks of pain and anguish.

Bennett learned to chatter.

We learned loud squacking translates to "I am hungry," or "I am tired," or perhaps "I am so freaking happy!"

Bennett learned to hold his toes.

I learned that holding my baby in the middle of the night is a treat that I'll cherish as long as he'll let me.

Big boy, no?

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