Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forever Friends

It used to bother me that my closest D.C. friends were the girlfriends and wives of Rocky’s friends. However, I had been struggling to maintain relationships with the friends I had made on the Hill. Most of them were single and spent their free time at Capitol Hill happy hours. Instead, I was too distracted by a boy from East Tennessee. The feminist in me is embarrassed to admit it, but I was just so excited to finally be living near my boyfriend that I rushed home after work so I’d be available to see him if and when he had a study break. Keeping up with the Hill crowd seemed all but impossible.

I was so happy when I hit it off with Lindsay, another law school widow. We bonded while our husbands were glued to the tv during football season. It was nice to branch out beyond the Hill and have a friend who understood me a little better. Our friendship was easy and we only grew closer when our little boys were born three weeks apart.

Rocky, however, is fortunate to have a fabulous group of friends. I'm not sure fabulous is the word they would use, but I certainly would. They have helped us move four times. They fix our roof. They fix our cars. They take care of the dog when we're traveling or off having babies. His friend, Tom, even spent an afternoon assembling the chair covers for our wedding, voluntarily, without being asked.

Tom did something else incredibly above and beyond. When he found a bride, he found me a new friend. It’s hard to believe it was just over a year ago Amber and I were fumbling through lunch, getting to know one another and finding common ground discussing our dogs. Since meeting her, we’ve celebrated engagements, babies, birthdays and housewarmings. She’s thoughtful and caring and generous. She feels like the kind of friend I had been missing since moving to D.C.

Amber and Tom are getting hitched on Friday and we couldn’t be happier for them. I'm so happy to be celebrating a forever friendship of both the marrying and girlfriending kind.

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