Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What We Learned: 4 Months

Hot diggity, I am raising a homo sapien after all! Since his three month update, it feels like that switch was finally flipped. I was hoping it was just growth and age. But I honestly believe it has a lot to do with my return to work. It is hard not to blame-slash-thank the new interaction, the new games, the new atmosphere for his new-found human abilities such as conversation-like babbling, sitting still, and not losing it during tummy time.

He has become such an incredible joy. He is attentive and curious. He is aware of his surroundings. I can already see his developing sense of humor, even if it is just because I know how to do a mean horse lips.

With Bennett's growth and development, I am beginning to feel more like my old-self too. I can participate in adult conversations that don’t involve boogers. I worry about world peace and politics and accessorizing. I’m not just a mommy zombie, I’m more of a human too.

Bennett learned to breathe through one nostril.

We learned that having a sick baby can break your heart.

Bennett learned to sleep through the night, then re-learn to sleep through the night and then re-re-learn to sleep through the night.

We learned Bennett likes church.

Bennett learned to grab and hold on tight, be it hands, noses, Atticuses, or our clothes.

Atticus learned to be patient.

Bennett learned there are other things to concentrate on besides food.

I learned to be patient.

Bennett learned that there is a long line of people who can’t wait to meet him, hold him and love on him.

Rocky learned that even dads can do the pick-up routine at daycare.

Bennett learned to be vengeful and avoid eye contact with mommy when she works late.

I learned that being a working mom can make me a better mom.

Bennett learned to laugh.

Rocky and I learned that every day we think we couldn’t love him more but then we do.

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