Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: Frequent Flier Family and Friends

February 2011 will forever be known as the MONTH OF VISITORS!

We’re flashing back all the way to February 4, with the arrival of Grandma Ski. She had been apart from little B. for a whole FOUR WEEKS and couldn’t take it anymore. With Rocky out of town, it was a thrilling weekend of lounging in our jammies, watching movies, and hosting a fake Super Bowl party for our party of three. She even encouraged me to take the kid out in public, WHILE HE WAS AWAKE! Had we thought to bring a clean diaper or two, it would have been a total success.
My poor mom admitted that if they hadn’t just settled my sister so happily in Nashville, they might be hightailing it up to Virginia and moving in with us. She was surprised he had gained approximately forty-five pounds, learned Swahili and could even hold a rattle! It was heartbreaking to discover how much a kid can change in such a short period of time. We’ve since planned monthly Ski visits.
The following weekend, my best friend Anne, and her husband Pete flew all the way from Cali-forn-ia for a 48 hour trip just to meet Bennett. It was our third annual King-Marlenga reunion weekend. Our first trip, we met up in Las Vegas. It was freezing cold, even for Nevadan standards, so we were resolved to staying inside and playing the slots.
Last year, we met up in Florida for New Years. It was freezing cold, even for Floridian standards, so we were resolved to playing mini-golf in our parkas.
For our 2011 reunion, we had less interest in sitting around in our string bikinis, so the weather wasn’t such a deal breaker. But it was freezing cold, even for Virginian standards, so we were resolved to staying inside and lounging in our jammies. We learned that our B(arnacle) may crimp our style from time to time, but those 8:00 bedtimes are ideal for bonding with old friends.
Remember my mention of those imported babysitters from New York City (New York City!)? They were none other than Moose and Auntie Nini (the artist formerly known as C.Patel). I don’t think it was too hard to read between the lines involving boogers, that I needed a break. They reached out to Rocky and demanded to meet B and get me the heck out of the house and away from said boogers. I got to get all gussied up and they got to stay home and lounge in their jammies. I did a good job helping them to assimilate into suburban culture by bribing them with pizza delivery, cable tv, and Saturday night-in playing scrabble. It was really a win-win for everyone involved.
Wrapping up the MONTH OF VISITORS was our little baptism weekend. If I didn’t have the deep love affair with my church that I do, it would have been more convenient to welcome Bennett into a Tennessee church. Instead, there were five plane tickets, sixteen hours in the car, “a sick day,” and a partridge in a pear tree. I hope I’m right, but I think they’d have to say it was a worthy endeavor.
Bennett was the perfect host, screaming on cue to prove that I don’t exaggerate his angry red face and smiling on cue to prove I’m not raising a monster. I know I sound like a broken record from time to time, but we are truly blessed to have so many people supporting us from near and far. I just wish there was a whole lot more near, and not so many so far.
P.S. Happy 100th Post to Shrimp and Kings!

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