Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: First Communion

No, I do not have a brother, that is my sister with a rather unfortunate hair cut.
One of the very important rites of passage for any good Catholic girl is the sacrament of First Communion.  I prepped for weeks with my small group.  We studied the bible, practiced the rituals, went to confession for the first time and memorized our prayers. 

But like any girl, I was totally obsessed with my dress.  My mother and her sister, my namesake, Kristi, both wore the dress.  It was so beautiful with a Peter Pan collar, lace trim and embroidered shamrocks scattered throughout the skirt.  I loved it.  Accessorizing the dress was almost as much fun.  I picked out white ballet flats, gloves and a veil.  Because I am a girl and how many times in your life can your life can you dress like a mini mail-order Russian bride?

And did I mention, I wore a corsage of fake flowers?  

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