Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: Going to the Chapel...

Two years ago, we went to our friends Mel and Benham's wedding in Indy.  It was the best kind of wedding.  Mel and Benham are two amazing people who, if I don't say so myself, have made some equally amazing friends along the way. It was great to be celebrating their marriage, but it was equally great to see all these old familiar, but not aged, faces too. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, weddings often provide those rare moments when we can actually catch up with our friends. Mel and Benham's wedding was no different.
Weddings are also a great place to make new friends which we did when when the Colts' mascot, Blue, showed up at the rehearsal dinner.

 I admit it must have been hard to grow up Mel in Indiana. Her dad was everywhere we went, even at the After-Party hangout.

But the best was the photo booth at the reception. Not cool, was the gent who stole Mr. Colin's photo montage playing the part of Corpse in a Coffin. It is a good thing everyone else upped the cool quotient, because we are very obviously lacking in that department.

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