Thursday, September 29, 2011

What We Learned: 11 Months

Eleven months old, wearing twelve month tops and size six month pants?  I married an average sized man and gave birth to an average sized babe with way below average legs.  He's hovering around the fiftieth percentile for height but that kid is all torso.  It makes pulling up, scooting, toddling, creeping and cruising very interesting.  It also makes clothes buying quite an adventure.  Not below average, but way above average?  That ninetieth head!  All the better for learning...

Bennett learned to cruise around the house holding hands, holding tables, holding toys.

We learned that  a day of bending to practice walking leads to a day of back pain.

Bennett learned to use his pointer finger and thumb to pick things up.  Like noodles and cheese and lint.

We learned that black spot on his lip was not lint.  Like maybe a bug.

Bennett learned to point.

We learned that he can identify a mouse.  Good night mouse.

Bennett learned that saying good bye to mom is good reason to cry.

We learned that good bye waves are not as good as good bye hugs and sometimes good bye tears.

Bennett learned that it is fun to feed himself.

We learned that Bennett is stubborn and determined.

Bennett learned the value of Eskimo kisses.

We learned that the hysterical laughter at bedtime is a sure sign that boy belongs in bed.

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