Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Dump

Has it felt like crickets took over the blog since July? Well, you see, life is a tad dullsville these days. We are home bodies because of the barnacle and the bank account and being lonely. But beyond the boring, I didn’t want to weigh you down with the bad. You know, the teething, the moving expenses and oh yeah, "crap we left behind a few dozen best friends in another time zone." There were leaky appliances and a broken window. And drives back and forth to the farm and rest stops without a bathroom. And perhaps a wee flea infestation. So, let’s gloss over all that and give you lots of pictures because let’s get real,you’re not here for my fashion advice or my witty commentary. It’s all Bennett all the time!
In a hand-me-down from Dad
Action Shot, Mid-Drool
Typical Family Photo
Miss Whitley's Visit
Coca Cola Commercial
He Loves the Swings
But not as much as he loves the slide
Gratuitous Cute Kid Picture in a Grautious Cute Kid Post

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  1. Yay pictures! Look how happy he looks with me. I think he needs to visit me soon.