Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silly Baby, Tricks are for Kids

A choking baby is no joking matter. Recently, I was washing dishes while Bennett played with a piece of bread in his high chair. He was less than ten feet from me and we were having a deep conversation regarding the science of antibacterial soap. He made a convincing argument and while I had my back turned to rinse a dish and make a retort, I heard this gagging sound. I spun around to see if he was ok. He smiled and laughed when he saw the concern on my face. I returned to my work and thirty seconds later, I heard the same gag. I ran to pat his back and the giggle returned. It happened two more times. This kid was playing with me.

Rocky didn’t believe me when I told him about Bennett’s new trick. No way was our ten-month old son playing mind games. He must really be choking and I must be a neglectful mother. Then, Bennett did it again for Rocky to witness. And I caught it on camera.

He’s a good actor. He’s got the cough, the red face and the watery eyes. I don’t know how he does it. But I swear he’s not choking! I have stuck my fingers in there to be sure there isn’t a lone puff or piece of rice. As soon as I reach over to him, his face clears and he laughs. I think we’re all in for it. This kid is a troublemaker.

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