Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday: Size Matters

Rocky comes from hearty sports loving stock.  He was wearing a helmet and cleets young and cheering for his hometown team, the Maryville Rebels even earlier.  So, it is no wonder he joined the boys of fall by running warm-ups, playing in scrimmages and likely, warming the bench. 

His height and his bad knees were not keeping him from playing what my Grandma June calls basketball, the squeaky shoe show.  This white man can't jump and his basketball career was (thankfully) a short one. 

Even in the peewee football league, he was a munchkin among men.  So, it's a good thing he's always had the heart of a fighter.  Any guy that can chase a girl as hard as Rocky chased me has to be one heck of a hard worker.  It is too soon to tell if Bennett inherited his father or grandfather's genes, but I certainly hope he has his father's persistence and work ethic.  If he got the short or long end of the height stick, this kid is destined to follow in his father's very average sized shoes. 

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